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Pet Rabbit Care : Picking Up Your Pet Rabbit

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Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she explains how to pick up a pet rabbit in this free online video.

Expert: Sarah Tingle
Contact: www.extracareanimalhospital.net
Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care.
Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

Duration : 0:1:21

Posted on April 18th 2013 in lionhead rabbits

23 Responses to “Pet Rabbit Care : Picking Up Your Pet Rabbit”

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  2. Melissa VaLi Says:

    I want a video …
    I want a video about hair loss, and how to remove their hair!! PLEASE!!

  3. ludivinebrouard Says:

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  4. Joi Robb Says:

    i just got my bunny …
    i just got my bunny and never really knew how to pick up a bunny this video was hella helpful thanks :D

  5. Engin Yardimci Says:

    The top comments …
    The top comments at the moment are the very definition of a CONTRADICTION!

  6. beasty1399 Says:

    wait what happens …
    wait what happens if you pick them up by the ear?

  7. MentalSelfMutilation Says:

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    I thought you gripped them by the neck fur like mama rabbits do.

  8. Nathaliaaa666 Says:

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  14. Nathaliaaa666 Says:

    well dont watch it …
    well dont watch it then as simple as that obviously many ppl with bunnies needs education yre attitude is quite disrespectful both towards the channel and 2 ppl who actually cares for their pets what a sad world we live in

  15. Nathaliaaa666 Says:

    i have had bunnies …
    i have had bunnies why wouldent i? rabbits are calm and a great company i have 4 cats now btw

  16. Nathaliaaa666 Says:

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    i think a rabbit is 2 big for yre cat…… my cats would probably chase him and wanna play

  17. Nathaliaaa666 Says:

    what a sad world …
    what a sad world we live in really=(((

  18. janette vasquez Says:

    I remeber my rabbit …
    I remeber my rabbit was like a dog he ran away and came back in the night alot i was small and really stupid now i do my research i wish i still had my bunny patches he died i found him in my garage

  19. Thepetshed1236 Says:

    aww beautiful bunny …
    aww beautiful bunny and i wish my rabbits had this temperament ahha x

  20. CanadaMan12341 Says:

    Not domestic …
    Not domestic rabbits…

  21. XEPICfailGAMERX Says:

    In real life the …
    In real life the rabbit runs away so you can never pick it up :(

  22. Orbeezyeah1 Says:

    @GregorPHD you p
    @GregorPHD you p

  23. kacie williamson Says:

    I carry my rabbit …
    I carry my rabbit like this he does not scratch me he is calm

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