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RABBITS: Question about my Tort Lionhead Jr Doe’s color?


I raise Lionheads and Netherlands, focusing on Tortoise – Black Lionheads. My Jr doe has dark rings around her eyes, almost like a hotot’s. None of my other Torts have the dark rings, she just recently developed them, and I am curious why she has them. She carries orange, broken orange, tort, pointed white – chocolate, sable point, and himilayan.

Any help is much appreciated. I can not provide current pictures, sorry.

Hi, I raise Jersey Woolies, I haven’t had a tort in a long time but I don’t remember there being a black ring around the eye (sounds like a DQ to me). Unless the bunny is young and is going through it’s first molt, sometimes they will start to molt out the head first and the colors always look darker after they get their adult coat. Hard to say without seeing the pedigree, but it doesn’t seem that you are breeding any wrong colors. When I breed my woolies I try to only breed Pointeds to Pointeds-(the chocolate point may make some weird colors).

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Posted on July 31st 2009 in raising lionhead rabbits

Does anyone know anyone who raises dwarf hotots,holland lops,or lionhead rabbits around madison wisconsin?


Im looking to buy a bunny to raise for a project at school and i would like to raise a rabbit that is either a dwarf hotot,holland lop,or lionhead.please help!

Here is a site that has a breeders directory.. I hope it helps :)


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Posted on July 31st 2009 in lionhead rabbits

MVI 3899 baby lionhead rabbits

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Darcy/Kaycee’s Lionhead Rabbits From Fabel Haven Rabbitry

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Posted on July 30th 2009 in lionhead rabbits

Dwarf Lionhead rabbit?


hi, i recently tried to raise a wild baby cottontail and everything was going fine he was less than a week old but last night he somehow managed to climb under his bedding and trapped himself under the heating pad and i was asleep and by the time i found him it was too late….i panicked and rush to a pet store and bought a DWARF LIONHEAD, 9 weeks old and fur color combinations resemble that of a lion….im wondering exactly what breed of lionhead he is and will he grow those really long hanging ears that resemble a bloodhound? i hope so cuz i think its really cute…he appears to already have a somewhat developed "lion main" around his head and the bottoms of his hind feet have extra fur which i think is cool….also i asked for a female but they said it was too soon to tell…..do i just have to wait to find this out?

hello there

ask the pet shop if they know the rabbit has another rabbit mixed on its blood.you may want to hope it has a lop rabbit in its genes in order to achieve that lop ears you want.typically,lionheads doesn’t have lop ears unless its a mix

a rabbit can easily be known of the gender as early as three weeks old.though it is better off if you chack it at around 8 weeks old to be more sure.the older,the easier.

here is the site for determining the sex:

have a nice day!

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Posted on July 29th 2009 in raising lionhead rabbits

Justice ~ 5 Week Old Lionhead Bunny

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Posted on July 28th 2009 in lionhead rabbit

For Sale in Leitrim: guinea pigs & rabbits – stunning rare

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guinea pigs & lionhead rabbits for sale.
rare colours & coat types.
very nicely marked. hand raised & in good health.
private breeder who breeds for quality & health -
parents available to view.
all pets come with care – information leaflet & free sample of feed.

1 lionhead rabbit female 12 weeks ready now
4 abyssinian pigletts – ready 1st august
4 ridgeback pigletts – ready 1st august
2 pigletts ready now – abyssinian males
2 pigs female – ready now

see my website at – secretwoods.webs.com
for more photos & info.

i can also board small pets !!!
more pigletts on the way – reserve one now !

0833098577 or email mshunter@rock.com

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Posted on July 28th 2009 in lionhead rabbits

Lionhead bunny information?


I am pondering whether or not to purchase a lionhead bunny. I’ve never owned any rabbits before and have only had experience in raising and breading hampsters. I was wondering if there were any people on here who have or has raised a lionhead in the past who wouldn’t mind giving me some helpful hints that a newbie wouldn’t know. I’ve been researching them online but have found that this breed is still so knew that there are not many articles on the net. Looking for one on one experience only (ie.) owners, breeders, vets ect.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Being an owner of two bunnies, one being a lionhead, they are a lot of work. I wont lie to you about that. But it is rewarding if you take care of them properly. They need hay all the time, for digestion. They eat pellets as well but when they are a baby you give them to the bunny all the time. When the bunny gets older you dont leave the pellets in his cage all the time or else he will eat and eat and you will have a lazy bunny. Bunnies also eat lettuce, (ruffage) and the occassional carrot. Believe it or not carrots are not always good for bunnies. The betacarotine in the carrots actually hurts them if they eat too much of it. As far as a cage, my sis and I built a cube cage out of the metal shelf cubes you use to store things, like in a dorm. It is three levels high and lots of room for him to play. We also let the bunnies out every evening to run. Toys are another thing to get for a bunny. We have gotten baby toys from the dollar store, like rattles and stuff, things they can throw and shake that make noise. Be careful of small pieces, just like a baby it all goes in the mouth. You can give them an old phone book to tear up, they go to town on it. With lionheads they do shed a lot, so you will have to brush him. If you need any other info please contact me at firewoman69c@yahoo.com

Hope this helps

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Posted on July 27th 2009 in raising lionhead rabbits

My female lionhead rabbit doesn’t want to breed…?


I bought a 10 month old lionhead doe a few weeks ago. She was raised for 4-H shows. She’s a beautiful healthy rabbit and I would love to have some babies from her. The problem is, she doesn’t want to breed. I have a buck ready and willing, but when I put her in his cage she grunts and runs around. I’ve checked her "area" and it’s pink, not dark, which indicates that she is not "heated up". I put her in his cage every day for 10 minutes or so… nothing. Is there anything I can do to help her "get in the mood"?

If their cages aren’t near each other put them close together. Also I have heard that leaving the lights on where she is for 20 hours of the day helps to.

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Posted on July 26th 2009 in raising lionhead rabbits

Sylvester – 7 Week Old Lionhead Bunny

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Posted on July 26th 2009 in lionhead rabbit

I need a name for a blue bunny.?


I raise Lionhead rabbits and I just got a new little blue doe. I already have one blue doe and her name is Summer’s Fling. But this one I would like to have something maybe meaning blue in some way. Can anyone help?? I will post pics of her tonight if you would like to take a look at her, she will be on my does page and the one without a name lol. You can see her at www.bragglionheadfarm.webs.com So maybe if you see her a name will pop up. Thanks!!

How about a Trace of Blue Mist? Her barn/call name could be Misty
We raise Mini Rex and have a Broken Blue buck named this but his call name is Trace. I love the blue color on a rabbit it is so beautiful

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Posted on July 24th 2009 in raising lionhead rabbits

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